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Jodi Hakki - Episode 238 - January 19, 2018 - Webisode

About the show

A sweet love story which takes place in a small rural area of Mysuru, where you get to meet the two extremely different characters. The male lead(Rama) is a shy guy who is not comfortable with talking to women. Whereas the female lead(Janaki) is a highly educated primary school teacher who is kind hearted and loving. The focus of the show is how Rama falls in love with Jaanaki and how Jaanaki strives to cope with the dominance of her sister-in-law. Rama is a farmer and a wrestler and Jaanaki is a highly educated primary school teacher who has recently moved to Rama's village. Their difference in mindset, upbringing and lifestyle makes their love story sweet and at the same time complicated. The dominance of Jaanaki's sister-in-law is another barrier that she will have to cope with.

Serial: Jodi Hakki
Telecast Date: Mon-Fri 6.00 PM
Episode Number: 238
Available on: