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Fear Files - Episode 26 - July 26, 2014

1948 the period when our country was busy celebrating the independence, a family that has managed to save their life come to police station in search for a refugee camp so that they can have a place to stay in. The police allots them a house called 'Afsana Manzil'. The family enters the house, but Praveen feels something strange while entering the house. She expresses her fear about the house to the family but her husband does not listen to her. Next day when Praveen wakes up she suddenly starts behaving very strangely when she goes to the well. The presence of unknown beings is eminent in the house but remains hidden from the family. Praveen suddenly starts acting like a baby and starts crawling and enters the house that way. Later she opens a door and enters a room, there she finds various objects. She then sees images of a girl dressed as a bride in front of her and sees her painful death. Who is this girl? What will the family do when they find out about Praveen's changed behaviour? Find out here.Fear Files uncovers the truth behind some of the most compelling, mystifying and seemingly unexplainable images that have occurred in different places in India. It is a show focused on the realm of the supernatural, paranormal and mysterious events that sometimes take place in our lives.

Serial: Fear Files - Darr Ki Sacchi Tasveerein
Telecast Date: 26th July 2014
Episode Number: 26
Available on: