Boys Over Flowers - Episode 32 - Aug 8, 2017 - Full Episode

As punishment for the broken engagement, Madam Kang has ordered her men to keep Jun-pyo confined to his room, where he sees the news reports speculating on the uncertain future of Shinhwa’s merger with JK Group. Madam Kang visits Jandi’s porridge shop to teach her a lesson but Dr. Grandpa takes a stand for her. He then gets her at Ji Hoo’s house. Mr. Jung approaches Jan-di with a puzzling request, which Jan-di accepts sympathetically, happy to oblige. This is a favor he asks of her personally, which has nothing to do with Madam Kang or Jun-pyo. Woo-bin and Jun-pyo put their heads together to devise a plan to slip away from his bodyguards. And so, Jun-pyo earns an afternoon of freedom, and calls Jan-di out for a date. Unfortunately, she’s just assured a mother at the clinic that she’ll watch her young boy for the afternoon, and finds herself in a bind. Goyel brings Yi-jung to the rooftop of a tall building and points in the distance, just as the rising sun illuminates the city skyline.The billboards are advertisements for two different products, and when the sun hits, the light breaks and washes out the extraneous parts, leaving only “I love you” and “Yi-jung.” Ji Hoo, Jandi and Dr grandpa now share a very good bond.

Serial: Boys Over Flowers
Telecast Date: 8th August 2017
Episode Number: 32
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