Boys Over Flowers - Episode 31 - Aug 7, 2017 - Full Episode

Jun Pyo confesses to Hachin that he loves Jandi and can’t marry her. But Hachin explains that she loves his loyalty and still wants to get married to him. F3 members wait for Jun Pyo on the wedding day and when Jandi arrives, Jun Pyo pleads to her to tell him once that not to get married. Jandi remains silent. Jan-di is led away by the attendant to meet Hacin, but finds herself kidnapped instead. Madam Kang sends the same picture to Jun Pyo and blackmails him to show up for the wedding. To everybody’s surprise, Hachin backs off and announces that she will not get married to Jun Pyo.Hachins’ bodyguard saves Jandi and finally Jun Pyo meets Jandi and both are happy. Hachin arranges for a special surprise for Jun Pyo and Jandi. She informs Ji Hoo that she will be leaving the country. Jandi and Jun Pyo rushes to the airport to bid final goodbye to Hachin.

Serial: Boys Over Flowers
Telecast Date: 7th August 2017
Episode Number: 31
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