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Aye Zindagi - Episode 46 - Dec 07, 2017 - Full Episode

This story of Aye Zindagi is about Sangeetha and her struggle to survive and fight for her right. Sangeetha, a feisty young girl was always independent and wore her heart on her sleeve. She spoke the truth fearlessly and was extremely smart. She gets completely bowled over a handsome young man, Mahesh who seems outsmart her. What follows is a series of frequent meeting between each other and they grow extremely close to each other. Mahesh, asks for Sangeetha’s hand for marriage and her mother though initially hesitant, eventually complies. Mahesh & Sangeetha move to Dubai post marriage. Sangeetha so far has had a life, many would crave for. But, all hell breaks loose when it turns out that her husband is not who he portrayed to be. She becomes a victim of domestic abuse, infidelity, rape and much more torture and also realizes she’s pregnant with his child. Sangeetha’s passport and visa too is under the possession of Mahesh. How will she make her way out of the hell hole? Even if she manages, will she be able to give a holistic life to her child or will she face the stigma that a single mother faces in our country? To know more, watch Aye Zindagi, Thursday @7pm.

Serial: Aye Zindagi
Telecast Date: 7th December 2017
Episode Number: 46
Available on: